Meet The Founder: Kershel Anthony

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Known for his charismatic personality, Kershel Anthony has been lighting up the dance and fitness world as a choreographer, fitness expert and entertainer for over twenty years. 


Raised in New York, Kershel started dancing at the age of five and attributes his love of dance to being surrounded by music while growing up. He studied Dance at Hofstra University where he perfected his style, becoming an expert in hiphop, and modern dance, as well as honing his break dancing skills. From The King Michael Tour,SHAPE America Conferences and to the IDEA World Fitness Conference, Kershel has been stomping his feet and making imprints into today’s hottest trends. 


As the founder of other fitness programs, Kershel’s greatest success grew with creating the kids program, KerboomKidz Inc. Kershel’s entrepreneurial nature inspired him to want to help children live a healthy and active lifestyle through movement and music. He created this program to MOVE, EDUCATE and INSPIRE today’s youth. Hehas impacted thousands of children's lives nationwide and is on a mission to influence the youth across the world to be the best version of themselves.