The staff and physical education department at PS329q
Would like to Thank you for such an energetic, enthusiastic, and fun assembly! The kids are still asking when Mr.K and Amanda Fantastic will return! What amazes me during the entire performance was how well your team kept all the students engaged, especially the younger grades. From the way the dance moves are broken down into easy to remember cues to how funny Kershel was, and to how high energy the music selection was the kids had a blast every minute! When Kershel spoke about bullying, he made the point clear and simple and kept it fun! We would love to have you guys back, and will reach out to you soon! We’re sending you with love and much positive vibes this year, as well as a few referrals for you to perform at our neighboring schools! Speak to you soon!
Have a wonderful day!
— Kevin Lau PS329q Physical Education Teacher
Kershel and his program KerboomKidz are wonderful.  My school has used him the last few years to follow up a day of wellness after our annual diabetes walk. He is very engaging and enthusiastic with the students. Hi energy and enthusiasm are contagious. The kids love working with him, as do I.  He is professional, courteous, kind, and responsive.  He offers a unique program, and makes it easy to contact him and get an appointment.  I would definitely recommend this program to other schools, and I personally hope to hire him for my daughter’s birthday party.

Shari Siegel, P.S. 95

Our school enjoyed Kershel and his team so much we had them back twice.  I work in a special education school for students with severe to moderate disabilities.  Kershel and his team modified the routine to include all of our students.  All students were engaged and moving during the entire presentation.  It was very easy to organize the assembly, just a few e-mails and it was done.  Thanks for a great assembly.  Hope to see you again.

Mary Jean Scerra APE.
Academy Learning Center
Monroe, N.J.

Kershel is very easy to work with.  He is the one in charge and is always there to answer all my questions.  He is there when he says he will be.  The unique thing about Kerboom Kidz is Kershel, he makes the program the success it is.  He is the one who sold me right away on his dance program.  To the kids he is like a celebrity.  He knows exactly how to get the students engaged and moving.  Kershel is a great motivator for my dance unit and a great kick off start for field day.  I have recommended Kershel to other elementary schools in the Patchogue-Medford School District.  I have used Kershel for the past 2 years since I first met him and I am planning on using his program until I retire.
I really enjoyed working with you this year and I look forward to working with you next year.
Greg DeSario
River Elementary PE Teacher

Mr. Anthony was a wonderful addition to the Lynch Literacy Academy physical education program for the past two days.  His energy and ability to quickly connect with our students made him an instant phenomenon.  Mr. Anthony’s professionalism, skill set, and talent were apparent from the first class that he taught!  Students loved the atmosphere and Mr. Anthony’s charisma, which in turn made them love to dance!  Thank you for such a wonderful job and we at Lynch Literacy Academy hope to see you next year!!  
Mike Gennett - Physical Education teacher @ Lynch Literacy Academy (Amsterdam, NY)

We cannot thank Kershel and his Kerboomkidz program enough because he was amazing!!!  He did an outstanding job engaging our students in all classes.  By midday on Day 1, students were attempting to come back to the gym to watch and participate again in his program.  His program is easy to follow and students loved it.  Students are already trying to figure ways to fundraise to bring him back to our school next year.  He reached students in classes that sometimes struggle to find value in what we offer in our physical education program.  He helped students feel comfortable enough to put themselves in front of their peer group to participate in a freestyle dance competition.   He was an “instant rock star” and we would highly recommend bringing him to your school to work with your students! 
Kathi McGuigan - PEP Grant Coordinator @ Greater Amsterdam School District (Amsterdam, NY) 

“Working with Kershel and the Kerboomkidz team has been a highlight of my year. Not only are they communicative, easy to work with, and reliable, they provide quality, engaging, fun dance fitness instruction for all ages and levels. They are flexible and able to adjust to the experience in the room. Even when events have not gone quite as planned, every instructor has been upbeat and understanding. Furthermore, I have received nothing short of wonderful feedback from the parents, kids, and school staff that have attended Kerboomkidz/Kerboomka classes; no one leaves without a smile on their face. I recommend Kerboomka without reservation, and look forward to continuing our partnership.

- Ryann Dear, Bubble Foundation