We offer KerboomKidz Sessions for ALL grade levels (K-12).

We offer Sessions in Dance, Yoga, and Leadership Programs. 


- We focus on fundamental locomotor (hopping, skipping, sliding) and non-locomotor(bending, twisting, balancing, pushing, pulling) 

- Personal feelings of success at the end of their session 

- Learning to move with each other in a cooperative space 

See video example of Elementary below: 




Middle School 

- Student are able to demonstrate and describe critical elements of fundamental motor skills

- Begin to identify more complex skills 

- Transfer the skills learned in class to a new skill

See examples of Middle School below: 


High School 

- Analyze the use of movement concepts during motor skill performance.

- Apply concepts of choreography and create their own performance

- Identify when, why, and how within KerboomKIDZ

See example of High School below: