To Move. To Educate. To Inspire. 


KerboomKidz is an energetic and challenging dance exercise program that is especially designed for students (grades Pre K-12) and special need students. KerboomKidz is a great way for students to engage in a high energy dance fitness class while: 

- Improving their physical coordination and focus 

- Developing various motor skills and movement patterns

- Offering a structured environment to learn about oneself and others

- Developing students cognitive skills

- Gaining rhythm and confidence 



Our Background: 

We created Kerboomkidz because the founder, Kershel Anthony, wanted to do something about the lack of movement that was occurring with students today. 

He was determined to create a program that not only helped kids become more active, but helped them become more motivated as individuals as well. Within a 45 min gym period, we work with students on learning a dance routine that teaches them coordination, focus, and how to work together as a unit.

In just New York state alone, we have worked with over 100,000 students and over 100 different schools. 

We hope that one day, Kerboomkidz will be spread across the world to help kids learn how powerful and great their bodies AND minds can be when they dance!  

What We Offer: 

Do you have a hard time finding activities that not only gets students moving physically, but also has them mentally engaged? With our programs, students learn a fun yet challenging dance sequence that gets students AND teachers to work together. Our goal at every school is to build confidence in students while instilling the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to schools, we offer classes for: 

Children Hospitals - Retirement Homes - Birthday Parties - Healthcare Events 

Look below to see the different packages we offer:


In School Programs AND After School Programs:

Sessions: (40-45 minute class) 55 kids or less.

Assemblies: (1 hour class) 56-150 give or take.


Residency Program:

Our residency program is a 8 to 24 week in school or after program where students learn a dance routine and prepare a performance for their fellow students, teachers, and parents! During our Residency Program students will:

- Develop their creativity

- Learn to work collaboratively in an encouraging and non-competitive environment

- Increase their communication skills 

- Understand the fun of developing a dance performance by practicing routines and working toegther as a team

Family Fitness Night:

Our family fitness night is one of our most popular packages which brings both families, teachers, and kids together in learning a fun dance fitness routine! Additional add-ons like a DJ, customized t-shirts, and giveaways can also be included with package. 



Meet The Founder: Kershel Anthony

                 Kershel Anthony, Founder and CEO of KerboomKidz

                 Kershel Anthony, Founder and CEO of KerboomKidz

Known for his charismatic personality, Kershel Anthony has been lighting up the dance and fitness world as a choreographer, fitness expert and entertainer for over twenty years. 

Raised in New York, Kershel started dancing at the age of five and attributes his love of dance to being surrounded by music while growing up. He studied Dance at Hofstra University where he perfected his style, becoming an expert in hiphop, and modern dance, as well as honing his break dancing skills. From The King Michael Tour,SHAPE America Conferences and to the IDEA World Fitness Conference, Kershel has been stomping his feet and making imprints into today’s hottest trends. 

As the founder of other fitness programs, Kershel’s greatest success grew with creating the kids program, KerboomKidz Inc. Kershel’s entrepreneurial nature inspired him to want to help children live a healthy and active lifestyle through movement and music. He created this program to MOVE, EDUCATE and INSPIRE today’s youth. Hehas impacted thousands of children's lives nationwide and is on a mission to influence the youth across the world to be the best version of themselves.